Saturday, August 21, 2010

Second-Growth Hickory

Yesterday, while JT was running across the balance beam, he lost his footing. He flipped into the air and landed on his back and head. The tac officer standing over him did not offer his help, just asked him in a sarcastic tone:

"Are you okay? Do you need a fucking ambulance?"

"Sir, no sir."

"Then get up. If you don't need an ambulance then get up and do it again."

"Sir, yes sir."

I told him that he needs to remember the speech for his baton--"It is made of second-growth hickory. Second-growth hickory is that which has been cut and allowed to grow back, doubling its strength."

That's what they are trying to do to JT and to the other recruits. They are trying to break them, cut them down, so that their strength will be doubled.

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