Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Day of Preacademy, Pt. 2

JT got home just in time to give JY a bottle and have his dinner. The lamb came out great, just slightly more cooked than medium rare. JT was in pretty good spirits when he came home. The first thing he told me about his day was that their lunches were inspected, and that he was praised for having a highly organized, healthy sack lunch :) (That was me.)

Of course, he didn't actually eat his lunch. He had the carrot sticks and grapes but nothing else. He says he was studying and too stressed out to eat. He found out today that everybody else actually started on Saturday! Nobody told him about that. Apparently it was a day for everyone to just get used to the facility and learn the drill for approaching the tactical office. So he's already a little behind on some things.

But he's ahead on others. All the time he's spent memorizing speeches about his weapon, baton, handcuffs, code of ethics, etc., has served him well! He knows this material more than most of his classmates. He says that his classmates are very helpful in catching him up on the things he missed on Saturday. Two of his classmates are "recycled" recruits who didn't graduate in an earlier class, and are thus very knowledgeable. JT says they really feel like a team and they look out for each other.

One of his classmates is friends with the officer who did JT's background check. When JT introduced himself and what department he comes from, the recruit knew his name! He said that the lieutenant spoke very highly of JT as a good new hire and this boosted JT's confidence and self esteem quite a bit. :) Thank God for the nice people we come across in every difficult situation!

After our lovely lamb dinner (maybe the kitchen and I can patch up our differences after all!) JT practiced some new things he has to memorize and we all went out for a walk with the stroller. He's stressed, but he assured me that he's not going to bring the stress home--that he's going to let home be like a haven where he can take a break from the stress. I hope so, because I think that will be the best experience for him. For my part, I will try to keep it as havenly as possible. :)


  1. Hey, it's chaotic_kass from PW. It sounds like you are handling everything well and good for your husband for trying to leave things at the academy and letting home be his haven. My husband went to a federal academy out of state so I couldn't really help with studying, but maybe that is something you can help him with? If he wants it at least. It is hard being a wife to a man in the academy let alone when they start out on the streets. I'm proud of you for supporting him so much. Sorry to hear he missed Saturday and Sunday, but at least his classmates are helping him catch up. Also, good for him for memorizing everything else that he needed to. That would have just made it that much harder for him to catch up on. Tell him I am proud of him and proud of you too for being so supportive of him!

  2. Wow, were you married to him when your husband went to that academy? I have heard that some academies are away-from-home and that the wives subsequently never see their husbands. I'm lucky he can at least come home and be with JY every night. Thank you for your kind encouragement and I will pass it along to JT!