Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Day of Preacademy, Pt. 1

JT left this morning for his first day of preacademy. He set his alarm for 5:30 a.m. and I got up too and tried to help him get ready. He had a ton of stuff he had to carry to the car, and insisted on taking it all himself because he will have to get it all out of the car himself.

I wish it didn't take several cups of coffee just to get myself awake through the day. I spent the morning doing all our laundry. I had to stay up with JY last night who was crying for no reason at 11 pm and wouldn't calm down until close to 12:30. It woke JT and he rocked her for a little while in the rocking chair but eventually he got tired and I took over.

People ask me when her bedtime is. I tell them "Whenever she decides it's time." With a baby, you can't just say, "Go to bed." You have to coax them to sleep. If they're not sleepy but in a good mood you might be able to leave them alone, but if they're cranky you're not gonna get a wink of sleep yourself until you comfort them.

I promised JT a nice dinner and I should get going on it. I'm attempting a relatively uncomplicated lamb chops recipe I found in Men's Health (his favorite magazine). I am not a cook. I am honestly terrified of my kitchen. This is usually JT's thing, which he does with pleasure and artistry. Suddenly it's my job to make sure he has a healthy dinner five nights a week, maybe seven... even when I'm working at night. Ah well--I figure that with all the new things my husband has to learn and all the new challenges he has, I can muster up enough courage and energy to cook him a decent meal each day and keep the house looking clean. This is my task.


  1. Have you discovered the joys of the crockpot yet?? google "year of slow cooking" and your life (and fear of the kitchen) will be revolutionized.

    p.s. I'm a police wife, too, who had a job and a baby while my husband went through the academy. i lived to tell about it. :) Mrs. Fuzz on "a police wife" told me about ya.

  2. Yay! So I will survive after all!! :D I LOVE my crock pot. In fact I've been meaning to order myself a crock pot cookbook, because I don't know many recipes yet. I think I'll do that right after adding your blog :)