Wednesday, August 4, 2010


JY is squeaking and squawking happily in her crib--unaware that her daddy is trying to sleep. He got a new name today: “Four Eyes.” Also “Goggles” and “Numb Nuts.” It could have been worse: the heavy guy in his class was called "Dough Boy."

JT had to learn how to sing a jodie while doing push-ups and getting yelled at. The recruits took turns making up jodies for the class to sing. The instructor for the day, a marine, would tell the recruits to do ten push-ups, then stop the recruits in the middle of a push-up, ask them to hold it, and have them say in unison:

“Due to lack of motivation, the class will start over at zero. To work off the national debt, the class will perform ten highly-motivated push-ups.”

Sometimes while doing exercises, a recruit would get called on to recite one of their various speeches, then they’d start a new exercise and somebody else would have to pick up where he left off. Basically a lot of paying attention and multi-tasking. And getting called belittling names.

JY’s been doing some multi-tasking too--she can hold her feet with both hands! :)

My parents watched her today while I worked. They said that she is learning to grab her pull toys--the ones we’ve been dangling in front of her for ages now. But sometimes after grabbing one, she recoils and fixes her gaze on the hand that was doing the grabbing. We surround her with all these beautiful things to play with and look at, and half the time she’s just mesmerized by her own fingers.

(Indeed, they are hypnotically cute!)

JT weighed himself today at 168 lbs. He usually weighs around 175-180. He’s looking so thin.

I also weighed myself today, and I am happy to report that I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 148 lbs! That isn’t a super high bar I set for myself, seeing as I considered myself a bit overweight even before getting pregnant. But a month ago, I thought I’d never get there. Now I can stop making excuses and start really getting back in shape!

Although I haven't been doing as much exercising as JT, I'm doing plenty of multi-tasking. For example, folding laundry and making it a game so that I can keep JY entertained at the same time. Or washing an endless pile of dishes and snagging bites of breakfast cereal here and there. Or finishing this blog with one hand while I feed the baby!

I broke a glass and cut myself. Kitchen, thou art still my mortal enemy.

Glossary--for the readers who aren't familiar with the military/police academy phrases I'm using:

"National debt": An arbitrary number of exercises set at the beginning of academy which recruits have to complete before academy's end.

"Jodies": military sing-songs like "When I say 'work,' you say 'harder.' Work!" "Harder!" "Work!" "Harder!"


  1. Sounds like JH has a lot to do. From my psychology class I'm taking right now, it is about the time that babies are starting discover themselves that they are a separate person from everyone else. All they knew before was that they were one with a person that is caregiving for them. It is interesting to learn all these little facts in class. I'm sure she will begin grabbing things and responding to them laughing at herself at the same time.


  2. Actually, that's very true; she is slowly beginning to develop a sense of humor! She laughs at certain things I do, and makes herself laugh too. Right now though her main response to toys is to try to put them in her mouth. Sometimes she will utter a kind of war cry and then lunge for them. It's hilarious.