Friday, August 20, 2010

Beaten and Bruised

Today when I got home from work my husband was on the verge of a breakdown. His mother was here taking care of JY. He beckoned me to our room and asked me to shut the door, and he started to cry.

He said he couldn't do it anymore. They did three hours of PT today, and wearing ALL of their PT gear layered on top of each other--their shirts and shorts underneath a thick sweatshirt and sweat pants. It was ninety degrees outside! He almost fell out of a run. He failed both attempts at the obstacle course. He thinks himself a disgrace to his department.

He was in pain all over his body. He showed me countless bruises going all up his arms and clustered over his knees. He had six or seven massive popping blisters on his palms. He said he also thinks he pulled a muscle in his left leg. He said he felt hopeless, that he would never learn to climb the thirty-foot rope or scale the six-foot wall. They were yelling at him: "Oh, come on! Your partner is down, he's bleeding to death on the other side of that wall and where are you?"

I rubbed some Neosporin into his blisters and scrapes. Then I went out and bought him some Epsom salts for a bath and some fast food burgers. He was craving comfort food. He's gotten so thin; he now weighs 158 lbs--that's a twenty-pound drop from what he weighed a month or so ago.

I stroked his fuzzy hair and told him it would be all right, that he'll get it with practice. He thinks he doesn't have enough upper-body strength. That he's just not cut out for this. That may be, but it's my understanding that most of those challenges are more in the technique than the brute strength. I know he can do it.

If you're reading this, honey, I know you can do it. You're my hero...


  1. tell him to hang in there, I can't imagine the mental gymnastics he's going through, but tell him to keep his chin up, he'll make it.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes but you are right. It is more about technique than brute strength.

    Indubitably just encounter something similar with a trainee. Trying to open a locked car, he was grunting and groaning and prying at it. Indubitably had to go home to get some white Crown Vic touch up paint; it was that bad.

    "Dude, it just takes a little finesse like this," he told him as he popped the lock open.

  3. Thanks gals... Anything is possible, if you clear the blocks in your mind!

  4. Tell him not to give up, he'll be just fine! I missed Hubs' school and from what you're having to go through, I'm glad I did. You're a strong woman for sticking by him through it all!