Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reprimands, Holes, and Other Embarrassing Circumstances

Today JT was reprimanded because he was told he needed to laminate something and didn't. When he showed up with this not done the instructor asked him if he thought he could do it in his own sweet time. JT gave him a "Sir no sir!" and answered similarly when the instructor kept poking at him about it. But it wasn't long before the instructor moved on to other guys who were less concise in their replies. Sometimes the guys try to explain their reasons or justifications for their mess-ups--but JT understands that the instructors are not interested in why you didn't do what you were supposed to. They just want you to do better the next time.

As I was ironing JT's pants tonight I noticed a huge gaping hole in the seam where my mother took them in earlier this week. I'm surprised JT didn't notice it. I don't have a sewing machine, but I couldn't just send him to class like that tomorrow. So I found a needle and thread and stitched it up best I could. It looks like crap. But it's better than having a hole so big you can see his underwear through it.

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