Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lunch, and other missing things

It's been three days since JY saw her father. When I get off work at the library and pick her up from my mom's, I take her home and JT is already fast asleep. I miss him too. I don't think I've had a real chat with him since Monday.

He left his lunch at home today when he left for Academy. I'd have brought it to him but I have no idea where he is, let alone how to get there. I'm hoping he got some food. Maybe the other wives also heeded the advice to "overpack" their husbands' lunches and, thanks to their preparedness, my husband will eat something today.

JY is growing up fast, ready for her 6 months clothes now (and really has been for a while).

Jedi Wife: "Ooo look at these pajamas--they have little duckies on them!"

Jedi Youngling: "Wow, duckies! Can I eat them?" (pulls the fleece toher mouth)

I love the changing of the baby's wardrobe. Every three months or so is like Christmas! I get to dress JY up in all-new clothes that I haven't seen since the baby shower. The most adorable clothes on earth!


  1. At least you are married to him and you can see him sleeping. I sometimes go a week without seeing Indubitably. It's tough being on this end. Hang in there. You've got all of us!

  2. true, I know you've been missing Indubitably immensely...