Friday, August 20, 2010

Caffeine is my Spinach

If somebody had told me three years ago that I'd be taking care of a baby, making dinner every day, ironing, cleaning, taking two classes for my masters, and going to work even when I was feeling sick and exhausted, I would have laughed. "So, Miss Fortune-Teller," I would have said, "maybe you can look in your crystal ball and tell me by what magic I'm able to accomplish all that."

And she would have said: "Coffee."

Of course, if that same person had told me that I'd be married to a wonderful man and mother to a beautiful, happy little girl, that I'd be working and going to school but doing something I like nonetheless, I suppose that would have been a major improvement on my life at the time.

Without coffee, I am nothing. Generally a grouch and a whiner. With it, I become superwoman. A kinder, more upbeat person. I can get things done. I can even think coherently enough to do a bit of creative writing if I actually find the time.

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