Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Talk with the Captain...and a Dressing-Down from the Sergeant

JT was called into the hallway for a chat with the academy captain one day last week. She told him that he wasn't the first guy, nor would he be the last, to struggle with the wall and the rope. She told him to hang in there and not to quit, even in spite of the tactical staff telling him to.

But a few nights later, JT wrote an email to the sergeant he reports to, telling him that he will be working on the rope every weekend in his time off. This sergeant wrote back that this was unacceptable and he should have gotten it by now. He also wrote that he will be getting a report from the academy about JT's progress this week and it had "better be good."

So since then, JT's understandably been in another funk. I would be pretty upset by an email like that, too. He's been talking about quitting. Is that normal to want to quit even after several weeks in? Will he get past this hump eventually?


  1. YES! It is normal for the people wanting to quit! The academy is not easy, especially the PT course. Don't let him take what his instructor tells him. As long as he practices every weekend then he will do it! Tell him to take what the first person said to him as they are the ones that are to motivate the recruits. He will not be the first nor the last to struggle on the wall. It is very hard and challenging. As long as he practices every weekend, he will be fine. The only thing he should not have done was contact the other person about going in every weekend to practice the wall. There is nothing that we should say to them in all honestly. All he has to do is practice and then it will be acceptable to everyone when he graduates. Tell I know he can do it! He WILL succeed and once he does, he will be proud of himself for sticking with it! He is struggling and all the instructors are going to give him a hard time about not making it over the wall. He is doing great academically and he should be proud of himself for that.


  2. Completely!!!! He's doing awesome!! Tell him not to give up, I know that your man will get it! They pick on him because they think he's strong. They see a spark in him. Don't let him quit, sounds like he's impressed the instructors against their will with his academics and the ability to think on his toes.