Friday, July 30, 2010

This is my rifle, this is my gun...

JT has a new mantra to learn:

"My weapon is a Glock Model 21 forty-five caliber semiautomatic handgun. It has a four-point-six-inch barrel with an overall length of seven point fifty-nine inches. It carries thirteen rounds in the magazine with one round in the chamber for a total of fourteen rounds. It weighs twenty-six point twenty-eight ounces unloaded and thirty-eight point twenty-eight ounces loaded. It has standard sights. The barrel has eight lands and grooves with a uniform right hand twist. The serial number of my weapon is..."

Over and over he says it, the words and numbers echoing softly through the house like Gregorian chant. I think I've just about memorized it myself.

He practices it while he washes the dishes, and repeats it while he changes JY's diaper. He's been helping out a lot around the house, and I think it's sweet--it's like he's buttering me up for when his needs start to become more demanding. ;) Or maybe he can sense that I'm nervous about how much our lives are going to change. He's trying extra hard to reassure me: I'm still the same guy. You remember the guy who, our first year together, packed you a lunch and brought it to you every day at work and we ate it together picnic-style at the park? Yeah, I'm still here. :)


  1. Hi new friend! Thanks for following me (it still amazes me people actually read what I have to say!). Good luck adjusting, it gets easier, I promise! :)

    Something I wish somebody would have told me early on, is to always make two plans for whatever you're doing. The first, if hubby is there and the second, if he's working.

  2. I agree with Deputy's Wife. You always have to have plan B. Sometimes it gets old. And it is usually then that Indubitably comes through for me in a big way. He needs our together time too. So when those moments arise, blog about it and you'll be amazed at the support you'll receive.

  3. I am already amazed at the support and encouragement I have received to date!