Monday, May 2, 2011


Since we moved farther away from both my parents and JT's, babysitting has been a bit of a problem for me. I was sick this past week, and couldn't get any help with the baby. My parents were out of town. JT's mom doesn't drive. I was too sick to go out to her. I really needed somebody to help with JY, and told JT I want to get a babysitter. It's hard driving 80 miles roundtrip to drop JY off at her grandma's every time I have to work, and being sick, I was just not up for that. JT absolutely refused. He says JY is not to be with anyone other than our parents.

His parents have told me the same thing: that I should please not leave JY with anyone other than them or my parents. To be honest this makes me feel the same way most people feel when their in-laws tell them how to raise their children: irritated and controlled. But they have a reason to be concerned: they trusted somebody once who turned out to be abusive.

This past experience, coupled with JT's background in police work, makes him really jaded about babysitters. I tell him that all my friends and relatives use babysitters and day care services and don't have any problems, but he won't listen to me. So I have to keep schlepping out there to his mom's or my dad's, with no other alternative.

It's just another example of how we think totally differently sometimes. When I'm sick, especially w/ a fever, I don't like to drive, I don't like to work, I don't like to do ANYTHING except lay in bed until I get better. But my husband makes me feel guilty. "I never miss work unless I'm dying," he said, and he took on some extra shifts. I'm like, "but you're getting sick too! You should stay home." And he looks at me like I'm crazy and like I just said money grows on trees.

So all week I was stuck at home, cooking, cleaning the house, chasing around a baby, and not getting much rest. And all I wanted was for somebody to take care of me. It's been hard being sick and needy around somebody who is so hardworking and persistent even when he's getting sick himself. Especially because he's never home, and when he gets home, he just wants to be left alone.

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  1. Preach it sister! I felt myself getting sick on Thursday, so I went to the doctor. Thursday night (at 3 in the morning), I texted Hubs (he was on nightshift) that I was running a fever of 102 and felt like I was dying. He brought me chloraseptic and nyquil (I'm allergic to nyquil...thanks sweetie). The next day, I couldn't talk at all and didn't get out of bed. All he had to do all day was go pick up babygirl from camp and call the doc for me to get an antibiotic. While he was out I asked him to get my meds and bring me a milkshake. He said, "I'm not gonna be anywhere near any place to bring you a milkshake. I'll get your meds when I get home from off duty tonight. He went on a TYRAIDE (I think I misspelled that) when he got home and thank the good Lord above I couldn't speak cause it would have been on. I laid in the bed all day Saturday and he had the balls to ask if I wanted to go grocery shopping. Uh? No?! Hope you feel better chick and get some rest. If Momma's not well, nobody's gonna be well!